Naked feelings


I have been trying to figure out what is the best: being myself or not being myself because I think the hardest part about finding out who you are is the debate between who you are and who you want to be, being yourself or being what you want to be. Isn’t that supossed to be the same? Yeah, I get confused sometimes.

There is nothing more delicious that the feeling of being accepted, the feeling of being important to others and to be listened to, maybe that is why we imitate our heroes or famous people, because we think we could be accepted then if we become something people just instantly like. (Probably the reason why a lot of girls look like Kardashians nowadays).

“…when there is no noise from people around me, and the lights goes off I like being me…”

I have been thinking about it lately, being someone who I dont relate to, at all, just because of the fact that maybe being myself will expose me, maybe the fear of not being accepted they way I am. But when I am alone In my room, when there is no noise from people around me, and the lights goes off I like being me, I like that romantic side of me, my way of being weird, the music I love, the clothes I wear, even my I-love-pasta-belly.

I really enjoy watching people, see their reactions, try to figure them out, the way they get beauty and probably that is the moment everyone is comfortable enough to be themselves, when they think no one is watching, because otherwise, they would be naked on their feelings. Naked on their true beauty.

Photos: Rene Rudolf



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