70’s meets 90’s meets ’17 

Looking back at this year’s trends I am realizing how much the style has been going straight to one direction (and it is not Harry Styles). The fact that street style is pushing it to the 70’s look with that effortless vibe that caracterizes the 90’s kids gives us a hint of what we are going for.

High-waisted jeans, colored sunglasses, no bras and the amazing flared pants with vertical lines are being the super stars of the season. People is doing amazing things with this, putting them together with sneakers or hats with rebel messages on it. 

This is what I would call making a statement and who is better at that than people? Regular people, stylish and creative people who believe in dressing for art, for their own feelings. Keeping things different is always a way to make a statement. I recently posted on Instagram about keeping it freaky and it is something that has stucked in me: while other people love to imitate I love to create and that is the real challenge, anyone can buy a pair of socks but what if you add something else to them? Not everyone is willing to do it.

Anything can happen if you keep it freaky. Be creative be different and always be you. 

Photos: Pinterest

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