Miami Dive Swim Week


Photos: Rene Rudolf

We are at the Freehand Hotel in Miami beach, the weather is so warm that all the oufits are sleeveless or shorts or both. The retro vibes of the backyard/pool gives the feeling of being trapped in the 60’s, but the music brings you back to 2017.

Tiffany Norman (Dive Swim Week founder) and I enter in a hotel room so we can talk more comfortable. She has this amazing vibe that makes you feel good and so she tells me that it all started by being a school project which then became her passion. BEing involved in the fashion world since the age of three but realizing that she belonged behind the scenes where she could help new designers.

“Fashion, at the end of the day is business”

Tiffany, says that, for her, the most important thing for a growing artist is to start and never wait until you “are certain age”, Hannah from Seven Swim, is a Senior in College and she is not wasting her time.

The founder also invites designers to keep an eye on production, delivery and ways to improve the brand because at the end of the day, fashion is ¬†business and if you can’t keep your customers satisfied then it is not profitable.


Tankovitz is a growing brand that invites you to show skin but at the same time have class. Once Andrea enters the room, wearing one of her designs I realize that it is true. The brand started because of her need of having something different, something nobody else had. The designer never saw herself as another girl, she always wanted more and so she did.

For this Dive Swim Week she showed her newest collection “Dunamis” which she told me it means explotion, the one you get (spiritually) when the Holy Spirit gets into your soul.

The Show on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach started with a blessing sang by Andrea and her sister and then the models rocked the runway with marching music, all dressed up in black Tankovitz gowns to give the show the right entrance and then followed by the swimwear.

The fit was very sexy but classy at the same time, the color palette was black, red and white. Some “v” cleavages and volume in the shoulders all with matching dark makeup and dramatic background music.

The show closed with the designer showing herself on the runway with her best friends and models.










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