Breathe life


It is nice to be back posting here, it always feels like a relief from my daily duties to be able to write about what I love the most or things that inspire me.

This tuesday was my first ever 4th of July here in the USA and it was so magical and fun I didn’t want it to end in fact I stayed at thenbeach until 2am (Not a good day at work next day) but itwas worth it.

Sometimes we think magic is making things dissapear but instead is the litlle moments, the little details we find in our way throughout life. I didn’t know how much I loved riding a bike until I did it again a few weeks ago when I finally got one. I have noticed that we tend to wait for doing things that we love or wear that nice perfume we have just becaise we are saving it for the perfect ocassion. I am starting to live life the way I want, loving eachmoment of it.

Even if I feel like shit I can still get something good out of it and I am not those kind of person that are SUPER positive all the time but I am learning to be more patient, more secure about myself and let fear go out of me. Recently I leraned that it is always the best to speak your mind, no matter what always say what you think, that is the most important opinion about yourself, yours.

I hope you love the outfit as much as I do.


Photos: Rene Rudolf


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