Miami Fashion Week ’17


Yesterday was my first Fashion Week ever and having the honor to be there covering all the details to bring to Gaw’s Fashion Diary is one of the most inspiring things I have ever experienced, it reminded me how much I love fashion and how much I want to learn about it.

The venue was as tropical and elegant as Miami’s weather, sorrounded by different faces, all inspired and motivated by fashion. I watched some art, previews of outfits and people mixing with eachother as I was driking some Pinot Grigio and enjoying the beats of the DJ playing.

As for the fashion show, it started with an opera singer giving the audience the feels of being in another era a more simple time where art was born.

The collection was a mixture of delicate details, spark and elegance took over Rene Ruiz’s runway, not only the color palette was exquisite but the fact that he took the liberty toIMG_8117

mix all the brightness which shows the woman nowadays with a classic touch that evoques the femenine silloutte, was simply innovative.

To give the evening the perfect closure, Diego Torres gave a private concert while people took the last pictures and shared everything on social media.

Give me your feedback and comment what you think about this post 🙂

xoxo, Sara.



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