How to be a lady (or not)


These last few days I have been watching a lot of 50’s and 40’s movies (yes, more than usual) and watching them the thought of the difference between women from today and the women from back then popped in my head and (duh) of course we are different, we have changed as a society, evolved and we fought very hard for it. But what about the essence of being femenine, the delicious feeling of being chased by a man or just looking sexy not because you can show your boobs but because you are confident (a hard one).

No man will ever know the struggle of having your period, being stressed because you don’t have a partner while all of your friends are getting engaged and having to wear a blouse with HUUUUGE sleeves because they are pretty but they get stucked everywhere (been there before) and if that does not make you curse you just get drepressed because of the weight that you want to loose but you know you won’t because you love pasta way too much to quit it.

I remember my grandma, she always was a lady, she never cursed or looked ugly (at least that’s what I recall) but this makes me wonder: Is being a lady still an option in 2017?

We have been so busy trying to be feminists and fighting women rights but we have not stopped to think about what being a lady really means. Maybe it all starts by respecting and giving ourselves the importance that we deserve and gain those “equal rights” by being different, supporting eachother and putting our happiness before anything else.

Be a lady if you want to be a lady, but mostly be happy.

Photos: Rene R.


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