About love


You know you are in love when you find a pair of shoes that fit you like a glove, and even if they don’t fit, you want them to because you have never seen such a beautiful color mix like that before, you feel like your life has a before and after with them in it and how comfortable they are (yea, I am talking about those old sneakers you can’t let go) it is just an adventure to feel that new smell they have.

It is this same feeling for me when I fall for someone and when I fall, I fall hard. I feel like I am dancing with those beautiful shoes, I feel safe with them, nothing can stand between me and my happiness. That happened to me.

But beauty is relative and when I woke up the next morning, half drunk with happiness, half naked and messy hair I realised my shoes were dirty and even if I washed them they would never be the same “New pair of shoes”.

“…I was so confused, so dissapointed and sad.”

That’s when I had to decide if I wanted to learn how to love my shoes even with last night’s stains in them or just throw them away. Since I am very stubborn I kept them and  I tried my best, I kept washing them every week and taking care of them like if they were gold but one night when I was coming back from dancing and having an amazing time they broke, just like that and I was so confused, so dissapointed and sad.

For some time I felt like I would never find another pair like that and at this point I think the issue was wearing them all the time, but anyways, day after day I started wanting to dance again and I didn’t even need a pair of shoes, I could dance barefoot in the sand and nothing would stop me.

Every now and then I think about those shoes but it is more like a dream I had along time ago, now I am learning how to dance barefoot or with some cute sandals perfect for spring but at the end of the day I still have to walk a lot of paths before getting other pair of shoes that I actually feel excited about wearing again.

xoxo, Sara.




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