The Eponine effect

Is it just me or when you find something you like you can´t get enough of it? Just like my morning bread with jam and coffee that never gets old for me. Anyways, speaking of morning habits, the other day I woke up and went through my phone like every morning, just to find that a friend had sent me a direct message of an Instagram account saying “Check this out”. As a fashion hunter (or maybe predator) that I am, a few minutes later I found myself scrolling to pictures from more than a year ago.

It wasn’t only the english style, rich textures and silhouettes of Eponine London that captivated me, but the way that its designs resembled the 50´s and 60’s women style and essence while it still kept an avant-garde concept.

I couldn’t let this amazing designer go without exploring it a little bit more, that’s why I wrote Jet Shenkman the face behind all this elegance and colorfull firm, to give Eponine a space in Gaw’s Fashion Diary and let all of you readers and fashion seekers meet a brand that is not only beautiful and creative but that also empowers today’s woman.


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