Tips for a low budget Black Friday

Is that time of the year already…BLACK FRIDAY!! And everybody is getting really excited about it. I am doing a lot of fun stuff this week/end (and yes, I mean food when I say a lot of stuff haha).

Since almost all the stores are having discounts and people is eating a lot and having fun, sometimes we just get carried away and buy stuff that we either don’t need or are just too expensive for our budget. That is why I am giving you some easy tips to follow so you can buy amazing stuff and not regreting afterwards.

“…Remember that brands are all about marketing”

  1. First of all you should check your wardrobe and write down what you need or what you want.
  2. If you have already seen something you like you can check if others brands have the same or similar item for a better price (remember that brands are constantly trying to sell the most and that means lower prices between eachothers).
  3. Now, if you want to buy several things and don’t expend a lot of money you should organize your ideas: what exaclty do you want? Can you get it for a lower price? Are you willing to spend a little more for a special piece?
  4. Now that you have done that, you can see online the exact things you’ll buy and keep them in mind. DON’T GET CARRIED AWAY BY SALES. Remember that brands are all about marketing.
  5. Try to keep you mind in the thought of WHAT YOU REALLY NEED and stick to the plan.

Now you are ready to go out and buy the things you have planned. Remember that there is cyber monday too, so maybe you should save something for that day.

Stick to this tips and you’ll survive Black Friday in a glamorous and stylish way. I am leaving you my “wishlist” in pics below for you to get inspired amd some links were you can find similar things.

If you have any comments or questions please leave them down there in the comment box.


XOXO, Sara.

—–Get inspired—–

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