Are classic movies still an influence on today’s fashion?


When it is about movies I am always there on the front row, not only the new ones but the classics, specially these past few months since I was attending a class at college where the teacher told us to watch all these movies that marked a difference in my life. almost anyone has fallen in love during their lives and the feeling you get when you see this kind of movies is almost the same (or at least for me).It is amazing the time and effort people took to produce this movies and there is where you get the real falling-in-love thing.

Certainly today’s fashion is influenced by this beauty stars and their wardrobes, but, is this a new era where people forgot about being well dressed? Is the phrase “it is in” the only thing we think about when we buy?, and, don’t get me wrong, I dont mean people always have to wear suits and dresses but there are still codes of ethics. First impressions are a big deal to me and second too.

I think there is still influence on today’s clothes from the classic movies and gold era but are we willing to wear it? I hope so.

Tell me what are you thoughts about this and share it with your friends.

On the meanwhile I will be dreaming of Breakfast at Tiffany’s dresses and hats.

Psst here are a top 3 movies to get inspired by:

1- Breakfast at Tiffany’s 

2- My fair lady

3- Sunset Boulevard

xoxo, Sara.



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