Did someone say Fashion Week?

When fashion week is approaching we all get very excited about it. We follow social media accounts, dream about the street style, photographers, glitter and the fresh smell of a  new season. This year Fashion Week was full of surprises. Dior did an amazing art work for their show at the Louvre and also their models wore a jet black lipstick to the runway.

Vivienne Westwood played with a very extensive color palette reminding of her oh-so-known rebel heart and also adding a lot of textures, volume and even animal prints (Such a genious), furs and lots of prints were the leading caracters there.

Elie Saab took a different direction this time, instead of lace dresses and evening gowns he went for something more cassual and even risky but still amazing. We saw lots of bikers, booties, lots of embrodery, feathers and also high boots that gave the models some gothic yet girly look. The colors went from black to red and also violet.

Nina Ricci went for a 90´s look in some of her designs. We saw long sleeves, shiny fabrics, leather and a color palette that went from black to green, blue and red.





This season´s colors are definitely dark, we will be seeing lots of volume and some bright sparks. Texture will take an important part of outfits and booties and furs are still everyone´s favorites.

Keep yourself posted for more.

XOXO, Sara.

images provided by vogue.com

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